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Looking for PPC Expert Consultant that handle your Adwords need as a freelance PPC expert/ pay per click consultant then you are at right place.

Google Adwords/PPC handling not comes in a day. It’s required lots with experience & handle to deliver an optimized PPC solution.

Lets Little bit Know about me, I am Ravinder Malik with 10 years of experience in digital marketing and around 5 years of experience into PPC handling. Adwords/PPC campaign management optimization is an art that comes with time & hands with years of experience.

Adwords Campaign setup is not a big deal. You can easily setup it to watch few YouTube video tutorials or read a few tutorials over the web. The Google Adwords Team is helped in this with a call.

But Really and Serious question is – Do they setup it right?? Do they care about ROI??

The Adowds support team is more focused on budget rather than ROI.

As a PPC consultant, I worked with many companies in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, NCR and across  India and help them in the right PPC campaign setup. I can also help you with this with a right adword campaign, which helps you to generate better quality leads and very good return on Adword Pay Per Click (PPC) investment for your business.

I am not far away from you. Just give your details below & I’ll call you within few hours.

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Looking for PPC Expert Consultant that handle your Adwords ??